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Clinical laboratory testing and specimen collection at patient’s location. Results provided at time of visit. Personalized medicine individual service that allows you to have clinical lab testing without leaving the safety of your own house or office. You don’t have to be exposed to other people sick when you get your lab test done and the results are provided immediately so you don’t have to wait for results or lose report in transit. Mobil Lab for All is here for your convenience.

Please Be Alert Of False Advertising

Many locations are advertising “COVID19 Testing” when actually they are collection sites. This is misleading.

Doctor Visit Fee

You should NOT be required to pay a doctor's visit fee, insurance deductible, cash out of a packet or other unrelated medical assessment attached with a fee.

FDA Approved Labs

'FDA approved labs' statements are misleading advertisements. FDA inspect blood donor facilities, pharmacies, and others that are not clinical laboratories.

Regulatory Agencies

CLIA, CAP, COLA, or Joint Commission Certifications are the regulatory agencies which allow hospitals and laboratories to do clinical testing for patients.


Shipping and transporting specimen to another location can compromise the accuracy of your results. We perform testing at your site and provide results immediately.

At Mobil Lab for All Inc. there are no chances of losing or mislabeling your sample as other giant labs common failures during testing. Our CLIA high complexity validated and reviewed testing is done by a State Licensed Pathologist and Medical Technologist from your local Healthcare landscape in South Florida.

Questions, concerns, and education are welcome and answered by our 34-years experienced Clinical Lab Technologist at the time of testing and anytime after the visit.

24 Hour Service

Fully Licensed, insured and certified medical professionals. We are available for you at any time of the day. Call us to schedule your appointment.

Qualified Professionals

We have over 30 year of clinical laboratory experience. We will perform clinical lab testing at the patient’s site and have results hand delivered at the time of visit.


We screen for common illnesses such as diabetes, heart & kidney disease, flu, strep throat, pre & post-operative testing & a majority of specialty lab specimen collections.

Quick Results

No more waiting long periods for results. We will have testing performed after specimen collection & the results will be given to you within the same day.

Testing on the Go!

We accept medical insurance

Mobil Lab for All Inc. is proud to be a local laboratory that comes to the patient to perform testing at your site and provide results immediately after analysis is performed in your location or visit.

This is a personalized service that avoids compromising the integrity of your specimen, leading to accurate results and most importantly, the collection and delivery to the testing site is at your disposition.

Let the Clinical Lab Come To You

  • • COVID-19 Testing at your preferred location
  • • Blood Antibody Test -10 min results: $100 (Group Discounts Available)
  • • No Hospitals
  • • No Travel
  • • No Waiting
  • • Speedy Results
  • • 99.9% Accuracy
  • • Licensed Health Professionals
  • • CLIA Approved Lab

No doctor’s prescription needed

  • • Lab testing for Insurance companies
  • • Lab testing and collections for patients with physicians’ prescriptions
  • • Lab testing and specimen collection for urgent care clinics or physician groups
  • • Lab specimen collection for Specialty Reference tests
  • • Clinical lab testing at patient’s site such as home bound patients and results provided at the end of visit
  • • Pre and Post-operative testing available at the comfort of your home
  • • Specimen collection at assisted living facilities & nursing homes
  • • Lab testing and specimen collection for patients receiving dialysis at home
  • • Specimen collection for DNA & genetic testing
  • • Lab testing and specimen collection for corporate health screenings

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