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24/7 Lab Testing Services


Clinical laboratory testing and specimen collection at patient’s location. Results provided at time of visit. Personalized medicine individual service that allows you to have clinical lab testing without leaving the safety of your own house or office. You don’t have to be exposed to other people sick when you get your lab test done and the results are provided immediately so you don’t have to wait for results or lose report in transit. Mobil Lab for All is here for your convenience.

24 Hour Service

Fully Licensed, insured and certified medical professionals. We are available for you at any time of the day. Call us to schedule your appointment.

Qualified Professionals

We have over 30 year of clinical laboratory experience. We will perform clinical lab testing at the patient’s site and have results hand delivered at the time of visit.


We screen for common illnesses such as diabetes, heart & kidney disease, flu, strep throat, pre & post-operative testing & a majority of specialty lab specimen collections.

Quick Results

No more waiting long periods for results. We will have testing performed after specimen collection & the results will be given to you within the same day.

Mobil Lab For All

Testing on the Go

  • • Lab testing and collections for patients with physicians’ prescriptions
  • • Lab testing and specimen collection for urgent care clinics or physician groups
  • • Laboratory specimen collection for Specialty Reference tests
  • • Clinical laboratory testing at patient’s site such as home bound patients and results provided at the end of visit
  • • Pre and Post-operative testing available at the comfort of your home
  • • Specimen collection at assisted living facilities & nursing homes
  • • Lab testing and specimen collection for patients receiving dialysis at home
  • • Specimen collection for DNA & genetic testing
  • • Laboratory testing and specimen collection for corporate health screenings
  • • Laboratory testing for Insurance companies

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